Elektronisches Klanggut zum Arbeiten präsentiert: Geholper & Gestolper Sendekiste 004 – Duboko Deep

Zur Abwechslung mal ein wenig international. Mit schön gemütlich deepem Sound aus Kroatien – vielen Dank für den tollen Beitrag zur Sendekiste!

Duboko Deep is passionate collector & DJ coming out of Zagreb (Croatia). His love to music started in early age. His passion for music begins with vinyl records of disco, italo, hi-energy, Canadian disco, synth-infused, 80s music, soul …He got involved in the electronic music & house in late 80s, shortly after club music took over him. From the very beginnings Deep house was sound to which he remained most faithful, simply because it was love at the first listen! And so it continues… His musical selection is best described as pure, deep, melodic vibes which takes you “Duboko” (“Deep” in Croatian)! Trough his sets you can feel eclectic beautiful synth works, ethereal backdrops, brooding basslines, oriental sounds, and occasional vocal hooks. His music styles are open minded. He practises emotional tunes, and it does not matter whether are new or old. It is important that they raise his emotional moment which can reach out to listeners through his selections. And so it has for years, through various clubs, lounge bars, on different kinds of events like museums, beaches giving out smiles and satisfaction to his listeners. His passion for music is to explore and mix so Deep musical languages. Peace…Love…Music!!!

Duboko Deep on the internetz:

PS: Wir freuen uns natürlich jederzeit über Vorschläge für Einträge zu unserer Sendekiste und wie immer über eure Einreichungen für weiteres tolles Klanggut!