Elektronisches Klanggut zum Arbeiten

#1 L’oreille Offenbach | RAMONE NOCH NICHT BEWERTET

L’oreille Offenbach presents our local DJ -> RAMONE (
He plays some nice tunes for our first show and we talk (from 59:50 min) about his projects here in Offenbach.
Tune in, 100% Vinyl.



LOOF22 Damiano von Erckert – 20.12.15



LOOF21 Koloman Trax – 10.12.15



LOOF17 Philip Berg – 10.09.2015

LOOF12 AZIESCH – 21.05.2015

L’oreille Offenbach presents you our local DJ -> AZIESCH

Aziesch, Frankfurt gourmet and promoter of the Presence parties (, has been around for a while here. You might have seen him playing at Robert Johnson or in the streets of Ffm Bahnhofsviertel. Furthermore he’s highly motivated to get flexxin on the ones and twos for us.
Tune in for our local heavyweight AZ!